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To the find region of “Heiliger Brunnen” (holy well) all belong south and southwest from Freisen find zones lain such as Geeserech, fields behind Hoermann Company, area around the holy well, as well as on Hassel and Muehlenberg Hill (the two latter are separately presented). The fields in this area offer different agate variants and are also in principle agate-leading. In principle does not refer however to the find chances, which can fail from place to place most differently.

Due to the high collection pressure, which rests on this region, good finds are the exception. On the fields of the region Geeserech and fields, which lie close Freisenstructurally interesting and nicely coloured agate-nodules do occur. Around the holy well quite frequently the looked for “Membrantruemmer-agates” are occuring. Also the nodules occurring here are larger than at the Geeserech. In east of the Edelsteindorado ("on Hassel") vein-agates similar to those from the Hellerberg Quarry do occur ( - however usually strongly fractured). The find chances in the Edelsteindorado, a very interesting find range, depend on the condition of the excavation. Diametrically for this the find chances at the Muehlenberg Hill are standing - if in the Edelsteindorado no findings are possible, every rock here will be turend over.

Of scientific interest is the occurrence of holospherulithical structures ("floating", generally ball-like shaped spherulithical inclusions in distinctive agate banding) as well as the holospherulithical spiral-like developed type. The emergence of the spirals is so far unsettled, no hypothesis is approved *.

Also Liesegang phenomenons do occur. Pseudomorphical formations rank here rather among the exceptions. The occurrence of porcelain agates is typical. Usually rank all surfaces approach find among this group. Exceptions make the finds by excavations.

* The remarks of Giesela Y. Lentz in the book of "agates" (author J. Zenz, Bode publishing house 2006, page 88,89) summarize my thoughts on the formation of Holospherulitical formations (K.Schaefer 2002, Lapis 27(6), 13-20) precisely and support these by the shown beautiful thin polished sections, but they are able however the circumstances of the formation of the spirals only against improbable theoretical beginnings to define. This mystery awaits further to clarifying.