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Karschholz is a part of Goettschied that is used gladly by native ones for walking in the nature. On the surrounding fields one can find distinctive formed, but small agates with some luck. In the year 2006 the unique opportunity resulted here to accomplish a small authorized excavation at one of me as worthwhile classified place. Under the constant observation of hikers and patients of the nearby hospital, we began at pentecost in breeding heat here with our digging. After few cuts of the spade in the strongly weathered amygdaloite the first almonds could be admired. The occurrence was however locally closely limited. The expansions of our excavation following "unfailing signs" led again and again in emptiness.

he agates of this excavation are characterised by a high degree of the decomposition - many nodules consisted only of relicts of decomposed Chalcedony. The decomposition was however just as responsible for the fact that fractures were healed by ferric oxides and for the plentifully iron pigments, which led to formation of “Liesegang-phenomenons” could penetrate the agate. Interesting was also the occurrence of isolated centres.

Further information to this place of discovery is in the article "the spectacular agate finds of 2006 in the area Idar Oberstein - Baumholder", Lapis 1/ 2007 (only in german !)

Further excavation here were expressly forbidden by the land-owners!