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The so far best possibillities for collecting agates on the Freisener Hoehe offered the construction of a windpark in the winter 2000/2001. With the first development work the favorable situation of the place could not be recognized by the collectors yet. But when the little transformer shed was built agate nodules up to a weight of 8 Kilos emerged, revealed themselves the treasure hidden here. Despite the icily cold winter there upon of agate collectors in one only about 100 m² measuring zone a multiplicity of large and colormagnificent agate-nodules was found. The nodules were saved from a soap-like strongly weathered "Bienrose" *. The building site was opened until March 2001.

The typical colour of an agate of this finding area is waxy-yellow, often also deeply red pigmented in the center. However also deeply-red agates are very characteristic. Purple, orange, pink, black and green colours are more rarely. Holospherulitical formations ** come also from this place of discovery. They form the most unusual patterns, both which their structure, and the colours concern. Also it came again and again on the Freisener Hoehe to the formation of beautiful mossy-like agates. Interesting also the formation is due by chromatographies ***, to differently strong leaching of the nodules.

* "Bienrose" is the original local term for amygdaloite. It describes the similarity of the "almond stone" with bee honeycombs.

** these are spherulitical formations not rooting on a surface. Their crystallization took place free-floating in the silicic acid gel. Furthermore this Holospherulitics were not deposited gravitatively in layers in the lower range of the nodule, but spread in destincitve bandings

***  chromatographies are the formations of differently colored zones in the agate nodule. The borders of these zones run independently to the common agate-banding.

This place of discovery is a topic of the article " the agates of the Freisener Hoehe” of Lapis 6/2002.