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The Flonheim-area is famous for its pseudomorphous chalcedonies. They are so called “scolecite-agates” - but not only this zeolithic mineral was transformed into chalcedony. The formation of the agates allows the interpretation that the minerals barite and calcite are replaced by chalcedony too.

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Between this pseudomorphic formations fine banded and nicely coloured fortification-agate can be found too. Sometimes they are looking similar to the “Polyedric Agates” from Paraiba, Brazil. Beside the pseudomorphs agates-nodules and vein-agates are occuring in this region too. Silificied stromatholithes (39, 40) and petrified wood can be found too.

The agate-finding-location Kisselberg belongs to Flonheim too. It is the continuation of the Steigerberg. At the Kisselberg you can find very nicely coloured agate-nodules. (37, 38)