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The term “Finkenberg” includes several different agate-deposits - from the “Finkenbergstrasse” (nearly on Idar Creek level ) up to the “Upper Lay” and “Waeschertskaulen”. So this term means the eastern side of the ancient township of Idar.

One agate-typus is presenting an early cristalized blue chalcedony-band and in its centre reddish colorized fortification-banding. (area around Finkenbergstrasse).

Another typus is showing cloudy structured agate.  The finding-location for this typus is around the hotel “crystal”.

 Yellowish to brown coloured finelined agates, similar to those from Setz quarry, were found while constructing the building of Giloy Co. in the year 1990.

White agates (sometimes with a colorized centre) are belonging to the location Waeschertskaulen.

Smaller nodules from these locations are showing an awesome spherulithical pattern.