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In the neighborhoud of the little village Szklary formerly beautiful specimen of Chrysoprase, a chalcedony colored by traces of Nickel, could be found.

Doris Minale writes on www.frankenstein-schlesien.de:

“... In the District of Frankenstein, not far from the highway Prague - Breslau, known since age than amber road lies the small village of Tomnitz and a few kilometres further north on the border of the circle of Frankenstein is the village Kosemitz. Both villages were famous for the finds of the gemstone Chrysoprase. In 1740 a Prussian officer at a mill on the Kosemitzer mountains was first to found Chrysoprase. ...

In 1786, the scholar Johann Ludwig Conrad Mümler reported: "you can find here also many gemstones, partly on the ground scattered, partly underground. These gems are the Sardius, the Karniol, Sardonir, chalcedony, Opal, and especially the Chrysoprase."

Frederick the great, in whose lifetime the finding of chrysoprase took place, particularly estimated the apple greengemstobe.Iin 1785 he commissioned the Builder of the fortress of Silberberg, Ludwig Wilhelm of Regeler to search in Frankenstein area for Chrysoprase and to send such pieces "that six inches long, are four inches wide and two inches thick." There were two tables of that era with 94 cm, 63 cm wide and 5 cm thick slabs of Chrysoprase in the Royal Palace in Potsdam...The enterprising owner of Tomnitz Knight Lord of Goldbach gave the King with each increase in family a box of this gems. Several snuff-tobacco-boxes were cut from these stones. (Museum "Green vaults" Dresden, Castle Hechingen)... “

The specimen shown here was donated by Mr. Andreas Kittelmann. Its structure is given a beautiful photo, but this quality was previously not sought for cutting.