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Near to the Thaleskopf Hill above Ehlenbach small vein-agates with pretty pastel tones are originated.

The actually spectacular agate-findings in Ehlenbach were made during a blasting of obsolete ammunition in the late 1990ies. In order to be able to accomplish mentioned blasting, an about thirty meters through-measuring, several meters deep pit was dug by caterpillars. During the excavation-work very interesting structured and beautifully colored agates could be collected at the place. After the blasting one had to look around rather the periphery of the former pit.

Agates of the Blasting near Ehlenbach are showing several distinctive characteristics:

- very rough, greenish colored skin

- formation of stalactitical chalcedony, which form tube-agates or eye-agates depending upon cut position

- formation of pigment-rich zones, which are crossing the conventional agate-banding.

It is absolutely forbidden to collect any minerals at this place, because this location is a part of the artillery range area. Militarypolice is controling even this abandoned area regulary.