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One does not have to be necessarily a specialist in the subject of gemstones to be bewitched by the specimen in this museum. The color-impressions, the glittering, the shining and the strong contrasts of the gems are abducting  the viewer and are bringing him to the valley of the bird named Rock. Like Sindbad on its second journey he is surrounded by crystals and jewels. No answer is given to the tourist, who is asking the question about the value of  things  - however the feeling that he is regarding here unique treasures is overwhelming him too.

The variety of the Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum is comprehensive. Exhibitions are dedicated to the early handicraft time, the material agate and the science of the gemmology . In a showcase physical characteristics of the jewels are presented, in a further the technical uses of jewels. A whole hall is dedicated to the mineral quartz and all important kinds of jewels are presented in particular showcases. Small functional models and dioramas are explaining the art of jewel-cutting in a highly detailed and authentic way. Facetted stones are situated in the first level -  the second level is dedicated to the excellent work of the engravers guild.

Special exhibitions take place in the museum to the most different topics. (the great special exhibition Agate + Jasper took place in the year 2004).

 Informations about admission-fees and opening hours are offered by the  website of the Deutsches Edelsteinmuseum.