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There are collecting-sites that magically attract a collector because he can find here just fascinating agates. When one walks in this place the idea how it would be to dig here also appears. If one tries to take the chance he usually finds out that the agates on the surface are better than those in the depth. But not at this place - at “hinter der Höh” in Eckersweiler.

In collaboration with the tenants and the peasant farming, we (Klaus Schäfer and Ruedi Lüssi) could find excellent agates in one to two metres depth at this point. They were much better as the previous findings on the surface. We could work here about two weeks, until our activities attracted other collectors. They worked the ground directly outside of our diggings, which made it impossible for us to proceed.( look at.. the essay "Children of a mother - agates from behind the cave" Lapis 11 / 2009 - only in german). Until today (2013) the place was dug then in succession by many people, which could make also findings of good specimen.

The agates of this site often have a greenish skin. The shape of the nodules is often elongateted in the floating-direction of the lava - so-called "tailed nodules” (“geschwänzte Mandeln”). Rarely you can find spherical nodules. Unfortunately, many of the agates are scattered what makes them difficult to cut. Often, the agates have inclusions of “mosslike agate". They show a distinctive bright red.

One of the best photos is this that is showing the look into the sink when cleaning the first cut agates – many beautifully patterened stones, intense colors, and the cracks were not visible in the liquid.

An essay about this location excerpt from Lapis 11 / 2009