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Eathiebeaton Quarry (and its neighbor Ardownie quarry), approximately 2 km nort of Monifieth near Dundee, were producing the biggest quantitiy and the best quality in scottish agates in the last century. From 1985 to 1994 scottish collectors could find in the quarries fine agate nodules from a diameter up to 10 inches. They were supported by a friendly management of the quarries in helping them with uncovering agatebearing rocks.

The agates from Eathiebeaton Quarry are a little bit smaller than those from Ardownie quarry, but are showing more distinct colours like pink, cream, red, brownish and purple.

The very fine banding is showing very often the “shadow-effect”.

More informations about this subject is given by Robin Field in his article “Achatvorkommen in Schottland (Teil 2) : Ardownie / Eathiebeaton-Quarry und Ayrshire” , published in the Mineralienwelt 3 / 2005.

More informations about scottish agates are given in Dr.H.G. Macpherson´s book “agates” (published by the British Museum (Natural History) and the National Museums of Scotland).

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