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“… In the early summer 2011 I looked as in the last years for thunder eggs and petrified wood in Oregon, the USA. Because it was raining cats and dogs it was impossible, to dig for thundereggs at the Richardsons Rock Ranch in Madras and I drove further toward Antelope and to Donnybrook. As I was finished with Donnybrook, I  had only little energy and I decided to browse a little in the area. Then I found a completely different type of thunderegg than Donnybrook. One hour later I had dug the new bed.  A beautiful tradition in the USA is that the Finder may select a name for the place of discovery. Therefore I gave it the name “Dutch Donny”. ( “Dutch” because I ´am coming from Holland and “Donny” because it is in the direct proximity of Donnybrook.)…”

pers. report of Eddy Pieters, NL