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Today it has become only a question of fortune to find a nice specimen of agate on the filelds of the little village Dennweiler or on the sourrounding hills. Most of the more effective finding-locations where the collectors could be sure to find small but fine specimen in a big number have been changed into grassland. The agates from this region are not so famous because of their size (up to 50 mm) but for their colours and structures:

- Most agates are coloured grey-blue. But some show a vibrant red or yellow tones. Very rare but highly desired are greenish tones.

- The small agate nodules of dennweiler are very famous for their “Liesegang-phenomenons”.

- Destinctive for this region areflagglike flaglike red color-bandings.. These bands curve trough the agate nodule not interacting with the conventional banding.

- Spherulitical formations are the reason for eye-agate-pattern if small nodules are only grinded and polished from the surface (not cut trough).

- Vein-agates from this area are sometimes coloured by red dots. They are showing interesting formations of stalactitic chalcedony-tubes. Some of the tubes can be  broken and disorientated..

-Pseudomorphic formations are very rare.

It is absolutely forbidden to collect any minerals on the artillery-range area that is neighboured to this finding location. Be sure not to enter - Militarypolice is controling even this abandoned area regulary.