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In the proximity of the world-famous place of discovery "Baker Egg Mine" is in the Little Florida Mountains the so-called "Never Again mine" situated. Here into the 1980ies some spectacular Thundereggs were mined, which show a distinctive inclination in their pattern The formation of opal and agate was disturbed  here by a spacious landslide.This unusual tilting is recognizable in the pattern. It is already an amazing coincidence that - seen in geologically time - the nevertheless very small period of the agate formation, such an large event occurs and is fixed in the pattern of an agate. The agates show otherwise (in structure and colours of the agates, just like the structure and the hue of the Lithophyse) - large agreements with the agates of the surrounding "Sugar Bowl" region.

More information about this unique place of discovery are given at www.zianet.com