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Since 1995 collectors in germany are able to buy well formed lithophysae from Cubuk in Anatolia. Anatolia is the eastern part of Turkey. If the lithophysae were digged, the lithophysae do still have a globular shape. If they were collected on the surface, only the chalcedonic center of the lithophysae is well conserved - the surrounding rock (rhyolith) is eroded. The remaining agates do have polyedric shapes.

The agates from Cubuk are having dark colours, very often a deep black. Sometimes they are only ligthly greyish coloured. In these agates intensively coloured layers may occur - the most desired agate-type from Cubuk.

Some lithophysae are showing the “water-level-agate-typus” of agate-banding. Not rare are pseudomorphic formations after prismatic developed zeolithic minerals.

The lithophysae from Cubuk do reach a size up to 10 inches.

Very interesting rough-material and polished specimen in vivid colors are offered by Faysal Birlik at Euro-Bir Turkish Mineral .