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Crazy Lace is found in several remote areas of Northern Mexico. The best known location is west of the village Benito Juarez in the Sierra Santa Lucia.It is found in a dark-grey limestone in veins up to 8 inches thick. Nodular forms exist, but are extremely rare. Its complex structure and pattern gave the agate several describing names like: Cactus Lace, Chinese Writing Lace, Dogtooth Lace, Zebra Lace, Red Lace, Rattlesnake Lace and many more.

The pattern is irregular curved and twisted, showing zig-zags and eyes. The zig-zags are pseudomorphs of agate after dogtooth calcite. Colours are rare, often around old cracks. Dominant are grey-white, beige and brown.

Further informations are given from Brad L. Cross in his book “The Agates of Northern Mexico”, page 70 - 74.