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Jeffrey Anderson is describing this location on his website dwarve´s earth treasures. :

”...There's a story of a woman named Calandria who died and her relatives have to dig up a grave for her. it happens that when they were digging, they encountered agates and that's how the agates were named after her. ( A similar caused agate location exists in Germany )The agates seem to be similar to those of Casas Grandas agates that they could be confused with them since they shared similar appearances (similar sources?) but the Calandria agates have wider variety of colors especiallly yellow, pink, orange, gray, blue and purple. It's quite common to find colorless but strong banded agates among the Calandria agates and not many come with shadowing effects. They're mostly small, but can come in large sizes. Since they showed signs of having been weathered out of their rock hosts, fractures are expected in most agates....”