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At Breungesborn, now located on the Artillery Range Area, one highly requested type of jasper is originated: the “panthera-jasper”. This material was manufactured into sculptured cups, bowls, tankards and figurines. This material was highly searched after and carved items were even owned by the medicis in florence. If you will recognize an ancient artwork manufactured out of this material please inform me ! Typically for this material are the black spots on honey- to darkbrown matrix. Sometimes it is called “elephant-jasper” too.

Literature: Ralf Schmidt - Die Schmucksteinsammlung des Meininger Herzogs Anton Ulrich, Veröffentlichungen Naturhistorisches Schloß Bertholdsburg, Schleusingen, Band 10, 1995

Remark: Meanwhile Ralf Schmidt calls the findings from the Breungesborn area “transported specimen” - the true origin of the material should be near Reichenbach, he assumes.

It is absolutely forbidden to collect any minerals at this place, because this location is a part of the artillery range area. Militarypolice is controling even this abandoned area regulary.