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If your lucky you might find in a very dark corner in the basement of an well assorted rock-shop an high-interesting material from Brazil. The exact discovery site could not be communicated to me so far yet. This material showed up on the market in the early 1980ies. Usually over outside rust-brown coloured and waterworn the boulders are reching sizesz up to a half meter. The pattern consists of up to 15 mm through-measuring circular, banded spherulitics. If you dividerough rock, the spherulithics are showing up their polygonal edges.  Usually the material is coloured cream to whitish-grey. Specimen that are showing a delicate mauve color are rarities. This material shows apart from the colouring, large similarities with the so-called “ocean-jasper” from Madagaskar. It concerns a to be a spherulitical chalcedony too.