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The botswanian agate-deposits are located near to the township of Bobanong in Eastern-Botswana. Those ressources reach over the border to Transvaal, a part of the Southafrican-Republik.

Botswana-Agates are showing a very fine lined pattern. They are famous for their striking fortifications of strong contrasting bands. Some of them show a very intensively “shadow-effect” while moving the stone in your hands. The most common colours are brown, red and pink in combination with a very fine white lining. Porcelaine-agates do occure too.

Very often the natural banding is disturbed by deformations e.g. an “escaping tube”. Sometimes the banding has completly moved to one side of the nodule. These deformations are giving a very vivid pattern to the agates.

Large spherulihtics can be part of the pattern too. “stalkes-aggregates” - silica formations with a stalagmitic appearance - grow sometimes in Botswana-Agates from the ground upwards. In some cases pseudomorphs are found in botswanian agates - e.g. chalcedony pseudomorph after a fibrous zeolithic mineral. Very rare is the formation of “water-level-agates”