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Biggs Jasper is designated after its main occurrence at Biggs Junction. Biggs Jasper shows differently varieties. The Blue Sky Biggs Jasper that got a pattern with a blue portion is very in demand. Another variety is the the old Biggs Jasper, Black Biggs Jasper, Rufus Biggs Jasper (it is containing more manganese dendrites). The Washington Biggs Jasper looks very similarly to the original Biggs. Fulton Biggs, which occurs from Biggs Junction only  a few miles away, is found in large blocks. Another nearby occurence of a fine jasper is the Deschutes Jasper deposit.

Native Indian of the Columbia River were digging for Biggs Jasper probably  very early, since he represents a good material for the production of arrow-heads. World-wide attention received the material after 1964, after an enormous flood had strongly damaged the old highway 97. With the repair work a gigantic quantity of first-class Biggs Jasper could be found there.

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