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The small quarry between Berschweiler and Fohren Linden, has already been visited by every resident agate-collector. It was common knowledge, that it was possible to find strongly flattendes nodules, but the last known examples were fund years ago. However the quarry appeared in the last years sterile, no sign of a nodule-bearing amygdaloite could be discovered in the massive basaltic rock. On the reference of the agate-collector Dieter Augenthaler from Idar-Oberstein, Ruedi Lüssi, Dieter and myself tried our luck in the early summer of  2011. After deeper digging a small zone appeared in which nodules show up.

As expected, the nodules were large (up to 40cm length), but flattened  in addition. Earlier collectors committed often the error to cut these stones “on large picture” in order to add a large agate to their collection. However these stones showed a rather weak banding with fissures in the pattern. Discoverimgs of inclusion-free agates with an awesome “shodow-effect”  (caused by alternating  transparent and opaque layers) are not possible by cutting this direction. The best stone we found of this kind has a length of approximately 10 cm and shows - flawless - a breath-taking “shadow”.

There are stones with one perfect and many not fitting cutting positions, as shown by the stone # 9. This polished stone shows in front the cutting parallel to the nodule-extending direction with the weak banding. In the top it is cut perpendicular to the nodule-extending and shows a fine concentric banding.

Often the almonds are bluish-white, frequently red and very rarely yellow toned. “Membrantrümmerachate” and jasper are very frequent. Also the largest saved nodule with approximately 8 kilograms weight contained unfortunately only brownish jasper. Another one  - a yellowish-pink toned porcelain-agate - probably does originate from higher, not  observable layer. It was discovered by uncovering the agate-bearing-level.

After dismantling of the relatively small nodule-bearing horizon (about a half cubic meter) no further discoveries were to be expected without larger excavations. After a discussion with the major of Berschweiler (he explained as the problematic situation of this locality - in a few words: it is to near to the road) we decided to stop our activities in this location.


Therefore the following reference: If one would like to work here, one must inform the municipality of Berschweiler before! Without arrangements penal charges associated with fines threaten everyone, who wants to dig here for agates!