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To see all the risks while digging for rocks is becoming more difficult when the chances for good findings are rising. A very tragic accident happened here at this location while the possibilities for finding very fine agates in big amounts were very well. While building a bypass for the little village Berschweiler the workers opened an agate-bearing layer in the rocks. A lot of collectors worked here day and nigth to get the nodules out of an weathered, soil-like rock. They even used heavy tools like a caterpillar. But time was running and the construction was nearly finished when the accident happened while digging for the last nodule at the end of an non professionell excavating. The tunnel collapsed and killed one very ambitious collector, member of the Freisen-Mineral-Club.

The agates from this location have some distinctive characteristics:

- very often they have an intensively green skin

- they are showing a very fine lined pattern.

- they are showing typical early pseudomorphic formations after rhombodedrical minerals (carbonates).

- at this location very good samples for Prof.R.Liesegangs “Membrantrümmerachate” do occur.