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… there I have nevertheless something really old: Agate bead and/or oval form from Baktria (today Afghanistan). Older: 3. Millenium before Chr. Size: 46x31mm. The piece has a continuous drilling and shows a clear patina on the age to close lets. The polish is not perfect also and has only a matte gloss. The discovery site of the agate is however a mystery…

 Source: The agate collector Peter Jeckel in an agate collector forum in the threat: ” Where actually are the old agates?”

The culture of Baktria developed since the third millenium b.C.. The cultural area extended around the capital Baktra (the today's Balkh in the Persian Khorasan in the Middle Ages and in the today's Afghanistan), north the Hindukusch and south the river Amu Darja convenient. The baktrian culture for its gold forging work is famous in those also jewels with was processed. The rough material of the agate bead shown here might originate from India.