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… About northeast 2 km of Augustusburg and approx. l, 5 km to the west of the edge of the municipality Gruenberg at least eight veins of the red iron baryte formation are originated. On the fields directly west to the old road Augustusburg - Falkenau agate and baryte-rocks beside very much iron flint and chert can be found. The occurrence belongs to one the large NW-SO disturbance systems in the central Erzgebirge mountains.

… The veins are primarily mineralized with quartz and/or chert. Agate and amethyste are rare. Beside hematite also finds of very beautiful pyrolusite are possible.

 … Usually the agate bands reach only few millimeters of strength. Their color varies within wide limits between clean-white over pink to strongly red in different hue. Amethyste arises only completely rarely. Specimens on which agate as well as Psilomelan are occuring are particularly attractive.

Quelle: Reiner Haake “Achate sammeln in Deutschland - Teil 1, ein praktischer Führer zu den Achatvorkommen in Sachsen, Thüringen, Brandenburg und Sachsen-Anhalt” Bode Verlag, Haltern