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Apache Agate is found approximately five miles northwest of Ejido El Apache on Rancho La Vinata. The colours in this agate are a combination of brigth red, vivid orange and yellow - usually surrounded by dark blue. Th e pattern is easily distinguishable because, unlike the common fortification pattern found in other nodular agates, the colours seem to be suspended in contrasting agate and have draped folds and swirling veils.

One of the most famous picture-agates of the world, the “Hodded Owl” is originated from this location too. Together with its owner Brad Cross, the “Hodded Owl” made its first trip outside USA in 2005. This specimen was presented in Idar-Oberstein, Hamburg and at the Munich Mineral Fair.


More informations about the locality and the agate-formation is given by Brad L. Cross in his book “The Agates of Northern Mexico”, page 58 - 61.