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Mostly full agates are recovered from an ancient riverbed, now situated on a game farm. The agates erode out of the soil. No other gemstones have been found with them. Yellow brown to light brown outer skin, heavily crusted and pitted, with distinct black grey and white bands in semi translucent chalcedony. Most fragments are eroded by water.The origin is unknown, but the condition of the nodules indicates that they were not transported over a long distance. No other deposits of the same variety are known.

Theres a second occurence of interesting agates nearby Amalia: small to very small green agates have been found on a small outcrop, possibly vulcanic, on one of the farms (7, 8 ). They could have been formed where they are found. These agates are extremely rare. Only 40 specimen were collected in the last 20 years. A sought after collectors specimen.

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