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Neighboured to the agate-finding-location of Mirasoles is the agate-rich area of Los Altares. The agate-nodules from this place are looking similar in shape, size and structure like those from Mirasoles. The important differences between booth locations are the following:

1. The skin of the nodules from Los Altares is polished by desert-winds.

2. The characteristic bottom of the nodules from Mirasoles (composed by jasper and unstructured chalcedony) is missing here. All colorizing pigments in the finelined pattern are missing too.

The differences are caused in the fact that the agates from Altares are longtime exposed to sunlight and erosion on the surface. So the desertwinds cut and polished the surface of the agates and sunlight bleached out the colours.

Finebanded interchanging layers of mega-Quartz and Chalcedony and concurencial growing between stalactitic chalcedony and fine banded agate are very distinctive details of the pattern of these agates. The so called “shadow-effekt” is common for most of these agates.