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Mehedi Pfeiffer, an agate expert from Morocco, is beside many further agate-finding-locations the discoverer of this this vein-agate occurrence at Al Hama. In the May-June 2012 publication of the magazine “mineral world” he writes in its article about this “new “place of discovery that he owes the interest in this finding-zone to a Dutch mineral dealer, who told him of the find of an unusual, yellow agate in the proximity of the Tizin n´Tichka pass.

This region offers a high content of geodes and agate nodules in their volcanic rocks. Findings of colored agates were however not made.

In one of the many valleys of the region M. Pfeiffer found a vein-system of finely yellow-colored agates within the mineral search fortunately. The vein-agates are of bluish gray color in combination with yellow, orange and red. Within colored ranges the translucent agate becomes opaque. The banding is usually weak. Hematite and Goethite, two ferric oxides, enrich the picture of the vein-agates. Inclusions of baryte and pseudomorphic formations after a needle-like formed mineral are occuring frequently. Plumes show up only very rarely.