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Agouim is one of many agate locations of the high Atlas which are mined by the natives for amethyst-filled quartz geodes. These agates rarely reach the Central European market. Agouim agates show the typical conical form of Moroccan agate nodules. However, they rarely display a red outer margin, the second characteristic of Moroccan agates. Bluish-gray and white colors predominate.  Rarely a pink hue shows up in agates from Agouim. The banding is well developed and often displays beautiful shadow effect. Pseudomorphs after (pseudo) cubic or rhombohedral minerals are rare.

New findings sinc3e 2009 are different: the small nodules (up to 60 mm) (6, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12) are containing a lot of needle-like golden-brown goethite an are showing unusual patterns. Very nice red and yellow jasper (7) is offered since then too.