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“... As of November 2007, I obtained few craters of seemingly uninteresting agate rough and it turned out that there are quite surprises in those agates once they are cut. Most agates would be colorless to white in either banded or waterlines forms, and the agates containing purple, aqua green, yellow and pink colors have been noted. The agates of Road Creek contain what may be most extremely interesting inclusions of any agates I have seen so far, and they come in many forms of moss, sagenite, aragonite fans, and very pointy pseudomorphs after calcite.

Located within the massive Snake River Basalt beds stretching from eastern Idaho to the western coast of Oregon, it's obvious that Road Creek is one of several sites around central Idaho that produce the agates of varying types and sizes and it seems to be rare to find any colorful agates let alone the rumored Red Plume agates found around Carey. It should be noted that Road Creek at Challis is at least 70 miles north of better well known Carey where agates with red plumes are found...”

written by Jeffrey Anderson on his website dwarves earthtreasures.